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 Welcome to the Washington State Prostate Cancer Coalition (WSPCC)

Prostate cancer is the 2nd leading cause of cancer death in men, following lung cancer. A man is being diagnosed with prostate cancer every 3 minutes, and a man dies from the disease every 20 minutes. The risk for developing prostate cancer doubles if a man's father or brother has been diagnosed with the disease.   The WSPCC was formed in June of 2002  to address the need for enhanced awareness and advocacy of prostate cancer in Washington State and to bring together prostate cancer  survivors, families, healthcare providers and employer groups.   We want to serve as the communications hub for Washington State Prostate Cancer Stakeholders.   Please browse our new website and find Washington State Prostate Cancer Support Groups and their contact information.  Also review many helpful articles and resources about Prostate Cancer.   You can help by becoming a volunteer  or making a contribution to support WSPCC.

Working together, we will make a difference.

John Ross WSPCC Chairman and 7 year Survivor.


Over 238,000 new cases of Prostate Cancer were diagnosed on the US in 2013

There were over 29,000 deaths from Prostate Cancer in the US in 2013


Washington State Statistics for 2013

There were 5690 men diagnosed with prostate cancer

There were 730 deaths from Prostate Cancer