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Following a Prostate Cancer Diet Plan in Treatment


By: Rachel Mork

If you’ve been diagnosed with prostate cancer, you’ll want to fight it with every weapon available. The link between cancer and diet is always under debate, but many experts believe cancer prevention and cancer treatment diet is a real possibility. The following dietary suggestions are derived from studies conducted on men with prostate cancer who used diet as one of their prostate cancer treatment options.


Eat your fill of colorful vegetables

The more colorful the vegetables are, the more potent the cancer-fighting ability. Men who ate yellow and orange vegetables, such as squash, sweet potatoes and carrots, were twice as likely to overcome prostate cancer and twice as unlikely to develop a resurgence of prostate cancer. Other vegetables that are worthy of attention are broccoli and tomatoes, both of which appear to have powerful anti-cancer powers. In general, anyone with prostate cancer should eat as many colorful fruits and vegetables as possible each day.

Cut out the eggs

If you love your egg in the morning, you’re going to need to switch it out for a bowl of oatmeal or a piece of whole grain toast instead. Men who ate eggs had higher incidences of prostate cancer than men who did not eat eggs.

Remove the skin from any poultry
While chicken, turkey and other fowl are all great sources of protein, you’ll need to remove the skin before you eat them if you want to fight cancer. Men who ate the skin in their chicken were twice as likely to have reoccurrences of prostate cancer.

Switch to olive oil
Keep your fat consumption low; when you must use fat, use olive oil.

Fill your bowl with whole grain cereals
High fiber whole grain menu items should make up a good portion of your diet. The fiber appears to help your body fight cancer.

Don’t overdo supplements
While saw palmetto and selenium get the nod from doctors, you’ll want to keep all other supplement use to a recommended level. Don’t take mega doses of vitamin E or C or anything else; there appears to be a link between mega doses of certain supplements and prostate cancer.

Avoid flax seed oil
Flax seed is good for you, unless you’ve been diagnosed with prostate cancer. For some reason flax seed oil aggravates the prostate. Skip the flax seed until scientists figure out if it really is good for you or not.

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