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Gary Vance – TPCSG (Tacoma Prostate Cancer Support Group)

For the last few years, I had been going to the doctor regularly for a yearly checkup and blood work. I also go every three months to get my blood pressure medication refilled and a quick once-over. I’m 47 years old, white, and in good healt… Read more

Gary Vance

Gaylord Mingo – TPCSG (Tacoma Prostate Cancer Support Group)

My Prostate Cancer Journey

My rising PSA became a concern in May 2005. A biopsy of 12 samples showed cancer in one sample, Gleason score 3+3 and PSA 5.9. My urologist recommended surgery. I decided to hold off until I could gather more in… Read more

Gaylord Mingo

Gale R Munson (TPCSG – Happy with radiation seeds)

My first PSA (0.4) and Digital Rectal Exam were done in October 1992 at age 63. From there my PSA rose gradually until May 2003 at 3.6; in May 2004 it was 5.0; in July 2004, 5.7. Due to the more rapid increase, my urologist suggested a biopsy, whic… Read more

Gale R. Munson

Gene Armstrong- TPCSG (Tacoma Prostate Cancer Support Group)

I was diagnosed with Prostate cancer in the fall of 2006.   After the initial diagnosis by a Tacoma urologist, I went to The University of Washington Prostate Cancer Center at the U of W Medical Center for a second opinion.  They confi… Read more

Gene Armstrong

Jack Glatz – TPCSG (Tacoma Prostate Cancer Support Group)

One Man’s Journey – My Battle with Prostate Cancer
By Jack A. Glatz
“Hello – Mr. Glatz?  This is Doctor Modarelli.  I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but your biopsy results came back positive.  You have Prostate Cancer.… Read more

Jack Glatz

Jim Kiefert – Olympia Us TOO Prostate Cancer Warriors Support Group

Jim Kiefert’s journey in conquering advanced prostate cancer, the treatments he has tried, his successful participation in clinical trials and finally his conquest of the disease through self empowerment and indomitable will.

Watch… Read more

Jim Kiefert

Don Muridan – TPCSG (Tacoma Prostate Cancer Support Group)

In Febuary of 2009 at the age of 42 I was having a routine physical exam by my M.D. My PSA came back elevated at 8.66. My MD referred me to an Urologist where a biopsy was performed. Well, I received the phone call from my urologist about 3… Read more

Don Muridan

Andy Parks – TPCSG (Tacoma Prostate Cancer Support Group)

I wanted to share my experience with PCa and specifically the treatment method I choose which is called High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU).  I will also share my personal story which ranged from intense fear to elationxit has been qui… Read more

Andy Parks

Jack Hudspeth – Us TOO Olympia Prostate Cancer Warriors

My doctors and I were concerned about the possibility the cancer had spread beyond the prostate.  That concern prompted us to design a very aggressive treatment plan for me. In other words, triple androgen blockade, external beam radiation an… Read more

Roger Cory- TCPSG (Tacoma Prostate Cancer Support Group)

With my family history of prostate cancer (my dad, younger brother and uncle) and as an aviator in the USAF I was dedicated to getting an annual physical to include a PSA blood test and a DRE.

In 1997 my PSA showed a slight elevation. A resul… Read more

Roger Cory

Art Morgan – TPCSG (Tacoma Prostate Cancer Support Group)

I was due for my 6-month “watch and wait” PSA blood test at the same time we were to leave for our annual Baja trip. I had my last one in November 1999, at which time I think my urologist would like to have had me do another (4th) biopsy… Read more

Art Morgan

Robert Hammar – TPCSG (Tacoma Prostate Cancer Support Group)

My PSA went up a few points in early 2005 (at that time I was 72), so I had a biopsy done. After my samples were examined by three labs cancer was discovered in one sample. I chose to have my prostate removed via laparoscopic surgery at V… Read more

Robert Hammar

Joseph – TPCSG (Tacoma Prostate Cancer Support Group)

My story should be entitled, “Don’t let the low PSA score stop you!” I say men shouldn’t solely take just the PSA check without the Digital exam when looking at your prostate. I had a PSA of 2.9 when I was diagnosed with Prostate cancer last Mar… Read more


Willie Stewart – TPCSG (Tacoma Prostate Cancer Support Group)

My Prostate Cancer Journey

My Prostate Cancer journey began in August of 1991. While I was doing my exercise program at the YMCA, I was approached by a fellow member. We were both regulars and he had not seen me for two weeks. When he as… Read more

Willie Stewart

Bob Bohlman – TPCSG (Tacoma Prostate Cancer Support Group)

My name is Bob Bohlman and I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in July of 2008.
In December of 2007 my PSA was 4.8 up from 4.2 a year before. In January of 2008 it had gone up to 5.03 and in May of 08 it had risen to 5.03.
I was referred t… Read more

Bob Bohlman

Jack Sellers – TPCSG (Tacoma Prostate Cancer Support Group)

June ‘ 04 – PSA 0.5 -Doctor felt a lump during my annual DRE (digital rectal examination)

• Had 4 section biopsy and one of the 4 sections was diagnosed as positive
• Scheduled laparoscopic prostatectomy with Dr Gill at the Cleveland Cli… Read more

Jack Sellers








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