Eligibility criteria for active surveillance among men with low-risk prostate cancer

From our friends at The “New” Prostate Cancer Infolink comes this report on a study done at Johns Hopkins on active surveillance looking at expanding the criteria.

Historically, Johns Hopkins has required men to meet all five of the following criteria:

  • A clinical stage of T1
  • A PSA density of less than 0.15 ng/ml
  • A biopsy-based Gleason score of 6 or less
  • A maximum of two positive biopsy cores, and
  • ≤ 50 percent involvement of any biopsy core

The study leads to the conclusion that:

  • Among men with clinical stage T2 lesions, up to three biopsy cores and less than 60 percent of core involvement was associated with a risk level comparable to that of men who met all five current active surveillance criteria.

Read more here:  http://prostatecancerinfolink.net/2013/11/13/eligibility-criteria-for-active-surveillance-among-men-with-low-risk-prostate-cancer/

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