Gene Armstrong

Gene Armstrong- TPCSG (Tacoma Prostate Cancer Support Group)

I was diagnosed with Prostate cancer in the fall of 2006.   After the initial diagnosis by a Tacoma urologist, I went to The University of Washington Prostate Cancer Center at the U of W Medical Center for a second opinion.  They confirmed the initial diagnosis.  My PSA was 5.34 and Gleason score was 6 (3+3).  Stage T2a and still confined to the prostate gland.
Before going to the U of W, I was scheduled for a radical prostatectomy by my Tacoma Urologist.  After the visit to the U of W, I decided on surgery via the DaVinci robotic surgery at the U of W.  After this decision, I cancelled the Tacoma surgery.
In the ensuing time waiting for surgery at the U of W, I investigated Proton Beam therapy done at Loma Linda Medical Center in Loma Linda, CA.  After conversations with many men who had undergone Proton Beam therapy and more research, I decided on the Proton Beam therapy.  I canceled the DaVinci procedure.
By the time I went into treatment at Loma Linda I had been examined and counseled by 6 doctors and had read three books.  To say that I had information overload might be a true statement.  My primary concern in opting for Proton Beam therapy was quality of life after treatment.  I was deeply concerned about side effects of the various therapies and this treatment seemed to offer the greatest chance for minimal or no side effects.
I started treatment January 4, 2007, and finished March 20,2007.  Treatment was painless and at times I wondered, “is this really working” or is it just a smoke and mirrors show.
I just received the first PSA test results of 1.07, taken 4 months after treatment.   Over the next three years, my PSA should level out somewhere well below 1.00.  So far I have no side effects and everything seems to work as before treatment.  I am a strong proponent of Proton Beam therapy and would be more than willing to share my story and journey with other cancer victims.
I would add that Proton Beam therapy offers no better cure than the other treatment therapies.  They all offer the came chance for cure.  Each cancer patient has to make the choice with which he is comfortable.  My recommendation is do research and explore ALL options.
If there is anyone still searching for information, I would be happy to share my story and journey.  Please call or email.

Gene Armstrong

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